Anti-inflammatory Tea (Highly Recommended)

                              For Reducing Inflammation

This tea we blended with blue tea, chrysanthemum,lotus leaves, Du Zhong, honeysuckle, Yu Hu Die, licorice root, mulberry leaves, Hong Hua, rose merry.  

Benefit: This tea is very good for reducing inflammation, as we all know that inflammation cause a lots diseases. If you keep your inflammation down, you keep your immunity high. Tea works very well , but they are not miracle, you have to drink it very regularly to get the result that you want . We recommend you at least drink once a day, if your situation is very bad, you can drink 2-3 times a day until you feel better.


Brewing Instruction:

1 table spoon of tea

10-16 oz of water

steep for 20-30 minutes

Drink it 30-60 minutes after meal 

For the Herbal teas, if you looking for specific benefits,please feel free to contact us , we will be happy to help you to pick up the right teas for you.  We also suggest to buy the sweet tea leaves (you able to find more about the sweet tea leaves  in "herbal tea"section) to replace the sugar, we don't suggest you to use sugar to brew the teas, the sugar will change the benefits of the teas.

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