Aphrodite's Blend

Aphrodite's Blend


Aphrodite's Blend is designed with a combination of herbs and flowers to get the senses tingling, mood elevated and body looking and feeling like a deity. Sweet and tart marry pleasantly in the fusion of rose buds, jasmine flower, red artful plum, globe amaranth, sweet leaves, and pomegranate white tea.

Benefits: White tea provides antioxidants that reduce inflammation and stress; it also contains a mild amount of caffeine that increases awareness and can reduce migraines and headaches. Globe amaranth and rose both contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help improve brain function and give the skin a healthy glow. Beyond the digestible properties of this tea, its visual cues play a large role in the experience of consumption; the color pink has also been shown to stimulate the serotonergic neurons of the brain. When serotonin is released in the brain, one experiences varying levels of euphoria. Therefore, when you want to get in the mood, feel your best, or slip into relaxation, Aphrodite's blend is ready to sip!

Brewing Instruction:

Brewing tool: cups, bottles, tea wears, tea bags

Water temperature: 160° - 170° F

Amount of tea: 1 teaspoon

Amount of water: 6-10 oz.

Steeping time: put the hot water into the cup with the tea, stirring the tea will make the tea flavor come out faster, stir about 20-50 seconds for the first cup, strain it out. Later if you want more tea, put more water back in the cup, steep for another 30-50 seconds, then strain it. This amount of tea leaves will make 3-4 cups of tea.

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