Yellow Mountain Tea House

Hey every body, my name is Tanya, my Chinese name is Lin Liu Cen. "Lin" is my family name. Most of the people call my English name Tanya. I am from southern China " Gui Lin".

A lots people wondering how we named the tea house " Yellow Mountain Tea House". There are three  reasons: first , yellow mountain is a very famous in china, Chinese people love mountains and rivers, we like to use mountains and rivers to represent certain things and meanings, one of them is I want my heart big like a mountain, learn how to accept and forgive something that normally we won't. This is also the first reason we named our tea house. Second reason is " Yellow Mountain Green Tea " is a very famous tea in China, when people thinking about yellow mountain green tea , they will think about our yellow mountain tea house. The third reason is my husband went to yellow mountain and he loved it. We used the picture that he took it on yellow mountain. 

We have more than 300 of different varieties of teas, like green tea, black tea,oolong tea, white tea,pu-erh tea and herbal teas. Most of the teas are from China, some of them from Japan, south Africa, south America. They all have different benefits. 

We also do Chinese tea ceremony, the Chinese tea ceremony including : teaching you what is the temperature for different teas, how you brew it , how long you steep it, when you drink it. We also have organic Dim sum, like Chinese dumplings, steamed bums ,xiao long bao, rice pearl meat ball, family receipt summer roll, fried rice cakes and so on. You able to come in do a tea ceremony and have some organic food with it.

Our working time :
Monday- Sunday  : 10:00am - 9:00pm

Contact phone number: 719-247-8487

Sometimes because the weather or family emergency , we will close earlier , you able to give us a  call before you come in, make sure we are here. Thank you so much