Yu luo jasmine green tea

                                       Yu luo jasmine green tea (snail jasmine green tea)

 Yu Luo Jasmine Green  is a little bit different from the pearl jasmine green tea, this tea use a needle shape green to infuse with the fresh jasmine flower, then curled like a snails shape, when brewed, it becomes neddles shape again.

It is from farms at elevation of 1,300 meters, organic. The tea leaves are scented seven times to give the tea that strong Jasmine aroma. The jasmine flowers are picked, stored and used when the petals have opened. Teas and flowers are then mixed and the green tea is allowed to take up moisture from the flowers allowing the scent to migrate across to the tea to give the typical flavour and aroma of Jasmine .Jasmine tea is very popular with those who are just beginning to appreciate fine tea. Each Needle Snail is shaped by hand using just the bud.

Alluring in both appearance as well as taste, our Needle Snail Jasmine is a premium tea. As soon as the pellets are immersed in hot water, they unfurl to reveal full tea leaves.  This tea is sure to soothe both mind and body while the tranquil fragrance of jasmine fills the air. It has a special a fresh lingering jasmine aroma and a delicious mellow taste. If you don’t like bitter tea, this will be a very good tea to start it.


Brew Instruction:

Brewing tool: cups,bottles,tea wears,tea bags

Water temperature: 170° - 180° F

Amount of tea: 6-12 pieces.

Amount of water: 6-10 oz.

Steeping time: put the hot water into the cup with the jasmine green tea, stirring the tea will make the tea flavor come out faster, stir about 40 seconds to 1minute for the first cup, strain it out. Later if you want more tea, put more water back in the cup, steep for another 30-50 seconds, then strain it. This amount of tea leaves will make 3-4 cups of tea.

Try to keep infusion time to 15-20 seconds. Don’t worry if the tea isn’t very stronger – it’s not supposed to be, at least at the beginning. After 2-3 brews, the leaves will wake up and start yielding a dark stronger- brown beverage. That’s when you should keep steeping time just under 10 seconds, or the tea might develop bitter notes. After another 3-4 brews, as the potency of the tea decreases, feel free to gradually increase the length of infusion to maintain the desired level of strength.

Drinking tips:

  • Do not steep green too long. Green tea is non-fermented and has a lot of tea polyphenols, alkaloids and other nutrients, if you drink it too strong the nutrients have a too strong reaction it will irritate the stomach or dilute the stomach acid causing digestion problems or stomach aches. For more experienced green tea drinkers a strong brew will be fine.
  • If brew green tea with hot water, drink the tea while still hot. We suggest drinking all the green tea you brewed within 60-90minutes. If the green tea sits too long it will oxidize lose the nutrients. If you want drink cold tea, use cold water to brew. It will take about 20minutes to 90minutes to steep. Once the tea turns green and brown color, it is ready to drink.
  • We suggest drinking the green tea 30minutes-60minutes after meal. Drinking too soon after the meal, the tea will reactor with the nutrients of the food, especially the iron and protein. So if you have anemia, do not drink green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and pu-erh tea.

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