Sunset Persephone

When August draws the end of summer near and our goddess retires to the underworld, fruits will be picked and herbs harvested. All in preparation for the coming quarter. Toast with this tea the coming abundance and salute Persephone in her decent.
This blend is a lavish mix of roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong, sweet pomegranate and cherry, earthy willow bark and honeysuckle, finished with a touch of rose. This tea promotes health and longevity, through digestion, blood flow, and antioxidants.

Brew Instruction:

Brewing tool: cups, bottles, tea wears, tea bags

Water temperature: 160° - 170° F

Amount of tea: 1 teaspoon

Amount of water: 6-10 oz.

Steeping time: put the hot water into the cup with the tea, stirring the tea will make the tea flavor come out faster, stir about 20-50 seconds for the first cup, strain it out. Later if you want more tea, put more water back in the cup, steep for another 30-50 seconds, then strain it. This amount of tea leaves will make 3-4 cups of tea.

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