Immunity Tea

                      For Boosting Immune system

This tea we blended with Lemon grass, Rosemary, Roselle , Siberian ginseng,Mulberry

Benefits: For boosting the immune system. people who have very bad immunity, getting cold all the time , this will be a very good tea for a daily tea to drink. Or whenever you feel that you going to get a cold, drink 3-4 cups this tea , it will get rid of all the cold symptoms before it getting  a really bad cold and cough.   it is also very good for kidney and liver health, help with hair grow , adrenal fatigue,side effects from chemotherapy, more than 20 of the vitamins and minerals.

Brewing Instruction:

1 table spoon of tea

8-16 oz of water

steep for 20-30 minutes

Drink 1-3 times day

30-60 minutes after meal or 90 minutes before bed

For the Herbal teas, if you looking for specific benefits,please feel free to contact us , we will be happy to help you to pick up the right teas for you.  We also suggest to buy the sweet tea leaves (you able to find more about the sweet tea leaves  in "herbal tea"section) to replace the sugar, we don't suggest you to use sugar to brew the teas, the sugar will change the benefits of the teas.


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